Almost… There… Seattle!

I have not posted for a long long while… spending most moments reading and re-reading all the officially nominated titles. Can’t tell you exactly how many books are “on the table” but it’s definitely more than 7 (if we ALL have nominated the same titles) and quite a bit fewer than 105 (if we ALL have nominated different titles.) The great news is that because there are so many wonderful children’s books in 2012, I have no single “top choice” title in mind. Rather, there are more than top 20s for me! I’ll be so pleased if any of these gets recognized as the 2013 Newbery winner or honor book! The slightly sad reality, though, is that many of these deserving books will not be in the press release come Monday morning. I hope to be able to talk a little more about my favorite 2012 books once the 2013 Newbery titles are determined and known throughout the world! I’m excited!!!! I hope many others are, too!

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