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My Heart is Like a Zoo

by Michael Hall

I put this on my “poetry” shelf as well, since it IS an illustrated poem. The colors, shapes, and layout all work beautifully together with the light and bouncy text. Really enjoyed reading/looking at this one.  So clever, too!

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The House in the Night

Author: Susan Marie Swanson; illustrated by Beth Krommes
Reading Level: Pre-k, K, babies

Pages: np
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin
Edition: Hardcover, 2008

The House in the Night This one has a classic look and a classic feel — from its scratch board, 3-colored (black, white, yellow) illustrations to its minimalistic and poetic text — a great addition to bedtime lullaby stories. This one doesn’t make me say, “Who needs another bedtime story? Don’t we have ENOUGH?” Obviously, we don’t since talented writers and artists like Swanson and Krommes still have new things to offer for new generations of children and their parents. The pictures are worthy of looking closely over and over again (thanks to the artistically and strategically placed yellow ink and the cosmic scope of the “story”.) This repeatability is definitely one reason why parents and children can enjoy the book night after night.

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