Liberated!!! P(post)N(ewbery)W(ithdraw)S(syndromes)!

It is done.

For the last two days, 15 of us had the most exhilarating and literarily and intellectually challenging discussions over our nominated contenders for the 2013 Newbery. Everyone was civil, thoughtful, passionate, willing to negotiate AND willing to stand firm with conviction and concrete support from the books we read and re-read. Now the winning titles, author bios and book summaries have been submitted to the Public Information Office (ALA.) I have a day at the Conference to roam the exhibit hall isles, meet and chat with librarian friends from around the country, attend a luncheon, a preview, and a dinner.

Tomorrow we wake up around 5:00 and make our phone calls to Newbery medal and honor authors at 6:00. And then we attend the Youth Media Award Press Conference — to see everyone else’s reaction to our selections.

So, I guess, not all duties are done.

But, I am LIBERATED from the reading duty of 2012 children’s books!

Then came PNWS — Post Newbery Withdraw Syndromes — What do you mean that I don’t have to take page notes on the books I am reading now? (Which is the 3rd Kiki Strike, by the way) What do you mean that I no longer have the pleasure of constantly check what I read and how I feel against the set of Newbery criteria to see its eminence, distinguishing literary qualities, delineation of plot and setting, or presentation of information??? What do you mean that I don’t need to write cryptic “reviews” about the books I read… I can name them?

TOOO MUCH FREEDOM… I … CANNOT… CAN NOT handle this much freedom….. give me rules and restrictions… Don’t abandon me….

The above was only for dramatic effects… the truth is — although this feels a little odd and I feel a little lost without the FINAL GOAL looming over my head, the liberty of being able to read books not from the U.S., books not aimed at 0-14, books not newly published, etc. and then to openly discuss them cannot be sweeter.

I look forward to everyone’s reaction to the chosen titles!


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2 responses to “Liberated!!! P(post)N(ewbery)W(ithdraw)S(syndromes)!

  1. Congratulations! Can’t wait to hear what the committee chose. I had so many faves, I don’t think I could choose 7. Hope to see you sometime today. Cute post, btw. I’m looking forward to reading your reviews now that the Newbery muzzle is lifted.



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