A Damsel in Distress

Author: P.G. Wodehouse
Reading Level: Adult

Duration: 9 Hours
Publisher: Blackstone Audio Books
Edition: Audio, narrator: Frederick Davidson, 2001 (1919)

I absolutely enjoyed this light-hearted drawing room comedy. This is my first Wodehouse title and maybe I’ll try some other writings by him in the future. Some of his humorous observations on human emotions can be so dead-on that I laughed out loud while listening to the competent reading by Davidson (although I didn’t quite like his high-pitched, soft-fake tone of all the female characters). There were even a couple of tender romantic scenes that touched my heart! (I know, I’m a sap!)

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One response to “A Damsel in Distress

  1. J. L. Bell

    This is one of the best from Wodehouse's middle period, after he stopped experimenting with different tones (The Coming of Bill, e.g.), but before he started to replicate himself. If you liked it, I'm sure you'd like more from around the same time, such as Leave It to Psmith and subsequent Blandings Castle novels.


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