And We Stay

andwestay by Jenny Hubbard

Genre(s): Realistic Fiction, Poetry infused novel

Basic Content Information: It is 1995. Emily had to leave her high school and her city due to the recent suicide in the school library of her ex-boyfriend after she told him that they were through -suicide by a hand gun he found in his grandmother’s drawer. Guilt ridden, Emily is sent to an all girls’ boarding school where the poet Emily Dickinson attended to “recover” from her nightmarish experiences. Emily was indeed named after the poet and she happens to be quite an accomplished poet — plenty of poems are included in the narrative. With the help of some understanding adults, the power of poetry, and some lucky coincidences, Emily eventually can see the light at the end of a very dark tunnel. Many teen issues are touched upon in the book: abortion, teen passion, kleptomania, suicides, depression, etc.

Edition: Hardcover

Pub Date: January, 2014

Publisher: Delacorte Press

(I’m only recording the bare bone facts about the Young Adult Fiction titles I read in 2014 — Serving on the Best Fiction for Young Adults committee means that I need to be quite cautious in expressing opinions on social media. The safest way is to not express specific reactions publicly. But I’d like to keep reporting the titles I encounter throughout the year. You can always follow the link to Goodreads to see other readers’ reviews.)

Click here for: Goodreads summary and other people’s reviews.

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