With the help of NPR’s endeavor I now…

With the help of NPR’s endeavor, I now have my own Must Reads for my students! (Coincidentally, my students are exact 9 to 14!) The list contains about 140 titles. Since in my opinion, most of the books on the list are for 4-6 grade students, I consider this a 4-year reading list. This means that a child reader will read about 30 – 35 books to finish “my list” — about 2.5 to 3 books a month. I think of it as a reasonable pace — wonder how it compares in other people’s libraries. [If we go with 100 books over 6 years (9-14) — that will be about 1.5 books a month.]

And of course, there are so many other books that I “hand sell” to kids and are as fun and deserving — The Secret series, Benedict Society, Big Nate, 39 Clues, Warrior, Agatha Christie, Daran Shan, Lupica, Alex Rider, Beacon Street Girls, Abby Haze, Just Grace, Kiki Strike, The New Policeman, David Edding, Tamora Pierce, Peter and the Starcatcher… on and on and on… pretty much impossible to list. And then there are the specific books for specific readers: Amy’s Eyes, Revolution Is Not a Dinner Party, The Witch’s Boy, Elijah of Buxton, Ways to Live Forever, Sunrise Over Falujah, Up on Cloud Nine, The Long Season of Rain, A Banquet of Hungry Ghosts, Half-Minute Horrors, Tulip Touch, Illustrated Mum, Moonbird, Lego, Star Wars Special Effects, Weapons of Lord of the Rings… again… impossible to predict.

Not to mention all the NEWLY PUBLISHED books that are coming at us continuously.

This only proves one thing: a Librarian’s job is never stagnant and we should never rely on only one prescribed list. But, it’s still great to be reminded of titles that I should keep promoting day in and day out. School starts in a month — can’t wait to share books again with the young readers!

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August 6, 2013 · 9:28 am

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