Newbery 2013, Nominations, Please!

The first 3 nominations (of 7 total) are due next Tuesday (10/9/2012) — and I’ve narrowed down my top choices to SIXTEEN titles! Haha! Among these, fantasy, realistic fiction, historical fiction, nonfiction, picture book — for ages 3 to 14. The fiction titles are split almost down to the middle of male and female protagonists and the nonfiction are mostly biographical or historical with some science elements as well. Some are humorous, some are incredibly innovative, and others are just solid with polished proses. Now… which three do I push to the top of my chart? Also to consider: which titles have already received a lot of support from the Committee? Since we have suggested monthly and also cast our support to previously suggested titles, in theory, we can guess which titles others might nominate. Should I use my precious 1/7 for a title that I just KNOW others will nominate anyway? If we all think this way, will some of our true favorites be left un-nominated? That will be disastrous! But wouldn’t it be wasteful if I put on the ballot a book that has not garnered much support and simply won’t be getting any more? How confident am I in my ability to to convince others of a particular title’s worthiness and to elevate its status to become the front runner?

A friend suggested: This first round, vote with my heart. Which three are truly MY personal favorites of the year? The fact is: I don’t know.. I simply don’t know… I love so many of them. Darn it, authors, you gave us such an amazing 2012 and now I suffer from this riches!!!

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