Pathfinder (Serpent World, #1)by Orson Scott Card

I really can’t decide whether I enjoyed this book or totally couldn’t stand it. On the one hand, I LOVE the ideas and the weird (but almost plausible the way Card presents them) time/space travel ideas; on the other hand, the story moves at a snail’s pace and so much information gets repeated so many times after I already “GOT” the ideas and just wanted to see some action or some emotional exchanges.

Some reviewers claim that Pathfinder is like Ender’s Game. I cannot disagree more. I think, at most, it is like Xenocide and Children of the Mind: in their focusing on Card’s leaping scientific (but fantastic) complexities and strong political/social maneuvering discourses and also in that Card did not place as strong an emphasis on the impeccable pacing and climax-building as he did for both Ender’s Game and Ender’s Shadow.

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  1. Michelle

    This is next on my list to read. My daughter just read it for her ISU and absolutely loved it. She found it both frustrating and confusing at times – but is making me read it now :)


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