Sunday Select, October 11, 2015


Quote of the Week

Diversity Matters: …digital media today reflect the real world as children perceive it. Cultural diversity must, therefore, be built into digital media, not added later as an afterthought. Cultures should be represented richly and with integrity and dignity. This is another potential opportunity for children to learn about the world through screen media.

from “Growing Up Digital:
Media Research Symposium”
prepared by American Academy of Pediatrics

Views & Reports

Can children’s books help build a better world? by SF Said — from The Guardian

Yes, Audiobooks & Graphic Novels Count: Accepting Students’ Diverse Reading Choices by Cindy L. Rodriguez  — from Latin@s in Kid Lit

When you’re invisible, every representation matters: Political edition by Adrienne K — from Native American Appropriations

We Are a Family…Not an “Alternative” Family by Janet Alperstein — from Raising Race Conscious Children

Growing Up Digital: Media Research Symposium from American Academy of Pediatrics

Authors & Books

ALSC Around the World: Ich liebe Bibliotheken! by Andrew Medlar — from ALSC

The Hidden Depths of Sandra Boynton’s Board Books by Ian Bogost — from The New Yorker

Top 10 Science-Project Series  by Miriam Aronin — from Booklist Online

Reading Rainbow IS BACK!

I gathered these entries from various sources such as Facebook, Twitter, Goodreads, and specific sites that I follow such as Educating Alice, Pub Peeps, Book Riot, School Library Journal, The Horn Book, We Need Diverse Books, American Indians in Children’s literature, etc.

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