New York ComicCon 2015 – Day 3


Selected sights and some notes

First event of the morning — a wonderful session sponsored by Scholastic where Raina Telgemeier fielded many audience requests and drew for the crowd:IMG_20151010_111738



Star Wars Everywhere

Books, Crafts, Movies, TV Shows… IMG_20151010_112211




Jelly Bean ART! (Click and Enlarge to see the details) IMG_20151010_115119


Artist Alley

Spent some time at the Artist Alley — Couldn’t stay too long… too many wonderful art, too little money… IMG_20151010_115658


Probably my new favorite pop artist:


This is an example of Haas’ art (from his website) — TOTORO!

A couple of other accomplished artists with their own distinct styles:

Ray Fawkes


Tony Moy (梅)– TOTORO!!

Jed Henry — inspired by traditional Japanese art (hmm… a theme here?) TOTORO!!!



Jiu Ge (from Beijing/Seattle) Fan Art of Buckie & Loki IMG_20151010_122740

Didn’t get this artist’s name but again, Japanese Manga/Anime inspired artwork:


Jim Mahfood:IMG_20151010_124245

Dave Crosland:


More Cosplay Fun

Doctor Octopus — all home made, anchored on a backpack frame

IMG_20151010_125934 IMG_20151010_125849

Over the Garden Wall (Cartoon Network)

War Boy (Mad Max: Fury Road)


Masters of Unreality: Heavy Metal & SFF (SciFi/Fantasy)
(AKA My Favorite Panel Today)

These three authors/metal musicians discussed their inspirations, influences, writing habits, views on popular vs canonized literature (and music,) etc.:

Myke Cole (Gemini Cell: A Shadow Ops Novel)
Michael Fletcher (Beyond Redemption)
Peter Orullian (Trial of Intentions)

One point raised by Cole resonated with me, although he was referring to contemporary music. He encouraged the American music fans to be conscious about how American music industry has always been in the “exporting business” and how we miss the gems from around the world if we just stay inside the US bubble.


Michael Fletcher, Myke Cole, Peter Orullian

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