Thinking about how this has been a recent buzz word when it comes to discussing diversity topics.  It is truly the reality of our identities: one cannot just be Asian, but Asian and female, Asian and female and middle class, and Asian and female and middle class and not 100% straight, so on and so forth.  And I always want to honor others’ views and feelings when in a heated discussion.  However, it seems that sometimes when intersectionality is mentioned, it is someone’s way Out of the more uncomfortable strain of the topics.  If talking about Race is the most uncomfortable, then let’s introduce the intersectionality of Race and Class.  Then let’s shift the focal point to Class.

So can I ask this question in future discussions when intersected identities are introduced: which topic makes one the most uncomfortable?  Then I will insist on not wavering from That one because it is obviously the topic most needed addressing and worked on.

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