Low-Key Mayhem at New York Comic Con, 2014 – Episode 2

On Saturday, concept art designer Paul Tobin and artist Nick Keller from Weta Workshop shared the behind the scene character designing process for The Hobbit movies.

This is Paul:

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 11.23.51 AM

And this is Nick:

Screen Shot 2014-10-13 at 11.25.01 AM

Here are some highlights of that panel.  Hover over the image to see the first words of the caption. Click on any image to view full captions in slideshow mode.


On Sunday, I sat in the audience at the Women of Marvel panel.  On stage, there were more than a dozen women, editors, producers, writers, and artists, who work to bring various Marvel Comics to the readers — from new titles (such as Ms. Marvel) featuring strong female protagonists to traditional superhero series.  The high energy panel was full of hope and the women gave sound advice to audience questioning how to move the female movement forward in this very male dominant world.  I have my own thoughts on this after the recap of the event.

The panel was moderated aptly by talent scout Jeanine Schaefer and presented a slideshow of upcoming Marvel original comics, and media tie-ins, and even a YA novel. Here are a few highlights. Hover over the image to see the first words of the caption. Click on any image to view full captions in slideshow mode.

My hope is that the newer generation of super hero comics with strong female leads are not just echoing of the traditional male led comics.  I would like to see strong and tough heroines who behave like real women and not men-wanna-be’s.  I also would like to see these female characters drawn to be combat ready and not scantily clothed which are never really practical in fights but have been the canon because of the assumption of their sex appeal to the predominately young male readers. I believe they can appeal to readers in both genders if they come with appealing personalities and strong story lines.

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