Low-Key Mayhem at New York Comic Con, 2014 – Episode 1

Comic Con Random Collages 2


(Thursday afternoon.  First impression at the Con.)

 This year, I felt very much at home, at NYCC.  When asked by my friend Sharyn November on Facebook to share my Comic Con experience, I posted this: (modified slightly for this post)

Enjoyed this year…. Four days of low key mayhem. What I learned by now is to not let myself feel too overwhelmed. Focus on just a few happy exciting fandoms. This year for me were:

Weta Workshop, its replica store, and the two art conceptual designers Nick Kelly and Paul Tobin.
Tokidoki and the designer Simone Legno.
Women of Marvel and the upcoming series.
Avatar: the last airbender and its fandom.
Random artists and their work.

ComicCon Random Collages 1

Decided to not attend quite a few main stage presentations that did interest me (Patrick Stewart, Gotham, Doctor Who sneak peek, etc.) And didn’t get into two panels that I really wanted and waited more than an hour each for: XKCD creator Randall Munroe and Deathnote artist Takeshi Obata. Did I get upset?  Not at all.  On the contrary!  I enjoyed the wait time tremendously: reading and once in a while, chatting with fellow fans.  It definitely helped that the book, Marcus Sedgwick’s “She Is Not Invisible,” was engrossing.  The panels that I did get to see (at least 8, perhaps more) were mostly informative or just entertaining!

The following few posts will feature highlights of these. Not in linear order, nor organized by importance.  Just want to record the events and thoughts, accompanied heavily by pictures and videos.

First up.  Discovered welovefine, fan arts turned excellent merchandize.  Really liked the stormtrooper shirts.

Comic Con 2014 Random Collages

I got the Tardis Leggings: blue and silver.  A great find.  Bought it on Thursday night.  Wore it on Friday to school!  The gigantic bag comes free with my purchase.  It felt like already a success and I was only at the Con for about 10 minutes!


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