In Kunming, Yunnan, At Home

This really feels like home.  Mostly it reminds me of Taipei and a Taipei as I left it in late 80s: there is a energetic blend of the older and the newer.  Nothing is so ancient as to lose its connection to current life and nothing is too at the front of the world stage to feel absurd.  It feels just right.

I have talked to a sixth grade girl at the airport: her favorite pastime is to stay in her room, playing classical music both western and Chinese as background for reading good books.

The cab driver and I and a guy selling local specialty foodstuff are all from the same generation…within the same decade… Everything and everyone just feels familiar and easy going.

The Green Lake Part 翠湖 proves to be highly enjoyable, clean and beautiful and family friendly.







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    • fairrosa

      Can you share this on Facebook for me? Tag my name. Since I can’t make Facebook or Google work here at all. Thank goodness for WordPress.


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