Food Log

When I have a chance, this will be updated.
Second day in Kunming, noon-ish

Nothing really extraordinary to report. Had Er Kuai, a local favorite thin rice crepe, with choices of fillings. I got peanut sauce.


Hoping for the kind of traditional home made soy milk, I went to a small shop advertising freshly pressed soy milk. It turned out to be made with a blender:


It tastes OK though.

Didn’t eat much while exploring the city on foot for another two hours until encountering deep fried various edibles with chili powder. I got lotus roots stuffed with sticky rice and oyster mushrooms. Each skewer is 2 renminbi = 30 cents. Here I am holding them… Truly delicious:

Back to Lost Garden around noon, and since I wanted to take advantage of sitting in the rooftop restaurant and writing and reading, I ordered the following for “lunch” given the lack of gluten free choices here: French fries, an egg and yogurt.

First Day in Kunming

Breakfast/lunch at the hostel.  Eggs bacon and small salad.

As I roamed the streets, couldn’t help but buy and eat:

A small bag of sunflower seeds, salted on the street in a huge sieve


Three bunches of beautiful green grapes, tasting exactly like what I remember from childhood, measured with old fashioned scale.


A hot sweet soup with shaved walnuts, dragon eye fruit, ginger, and red dates


A skewer of street lamb bone joints.

Dinner is at a modern Japanese restaurant: cold sake with lemon, four sushi pieces with octopus and salmon, a pot of savory tofu soup…. This dinner cost me a whopping $12.50 USD.


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