Really need to find time to write about…

Really need to find time to write about quite a few books in more details. But here are quick notes: Dracula was good, for the most part, but I got annoyed by the over-emphasis on the GOODNESS of the purity and resourcefulness of the women (who then had to be so protected because, after all, they are the WEAKER ones.) March (John Lewis graphic narrative memoir) is really powerful and the art style matches the tone of the narrative well (although not my favorite kind of images.) The Grimm Conclusion (Adam Gidwitz) was a “sit down and finish it in one shot” kind of exciting book. I thoroughly enjoyed it and thought Adam did a fantastic job – and his prose got even smoother! Excited about the official release of Africa Is My Home (by my friend Monica Edinger) and will definitely write in more details about the book soon! Loved The Thing About Luck. Enjoyed Steelheart (Brandon Sanderson.) Impressed by Hereville #2: How Mirka Met a Meteorite. They each deserves a separate entry but I simply haven’t had time to give them the attention needed. Argh…

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October 24, 2013 · 10:40 pm

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