Rose Under Fire

roseunderfireby Elizabeth Wein

I have only read three books by Elizabeth Wein.  Years ago, The Winter Prince, last year, Code Name Verity, and now Rose Under Fire.  But, I now know, unwaveringly, that this is an author who can steal people’s hearts and cleanse their souls with her storytelling wizardry.

Elizabeth Wein, my friends, has a creative mind that goes forever deepr and her stories always take you to unexpected but exciting places — no matter their subject matters.  Her mind is so incredibly nimble that she can organize very complex threads into easily followed paths through intricate mazes she has devised for her readers. And, oh, the hearts and souls of her characters and the epic scale of their sufferings and triumphs! They linger on and sustain you like the LIFT under the wing of an airplane and a soaring kite! Read this book NOW and tell everyone else to read it.

I know that young teen readers will take to Rose’s story more readily than they with Verity and can’t wait to recommend this to them all!


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3 responses to “Rose Under Fire

  1. abudner

    I just met her this afternoon at Children’s Book World in Haverford and I was entranced. She was smart, engaging and fascinating as she talked about her connections to the Philly area then linking it to the research she did for Rose. I bought copies of both books for my cousin as wedding shower gifts. It’s never a wrong time to send reinforcement about the power of female friendships.


    • fairrosa

      Wow. It actually never dawned on me that these books are about “female friendships” but of course they are! I was more thinking that they are such amazing Human stories…


  2. Yup, absolutely female friendships, one of the reasons I love them so much. I think they’re similar to Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society in the way she shows such deep and rich relationships. Your review is so beautifully done, I’m going to have to quote you. :-) AND, I have to go find The Winter Prince. Thanks!


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