rithmatistby Brandon Sanderson

with illustration by Ben McSweeney

I have had the best time reading this book: discovering a completely new and fresh world that is a twist of our real world with alternative histories and a wonderfully naive yet sinister kind of magic: two dimensional chalk drawings turned to life battling creatures.  Sanderson once again  proves his skills in creating a compelling magical system completed with intricate and convincing rules that makes the reader wish to encounter such magic in the real world.  The kind that will excite young readers to learn and master: drawing those Rithmatic defense circles and lines and dreaming up potential new designs and patterns.  The kind that will inspire game makers to create a wonderful board or video game based on the world, characters, and strategies found within the story line.  The kind that I am actually pleased to wait for the next installment in the series because I want to venture further with the characters to explore the unknown territories beyond the confine of the magical academy and the town.  I hope the next book comes out soon!  Can’t wait!

Oh, and the two teenaged protagonists are also authentic and their relationship often brings a smile to my face.

I also love the helpful and fun line drawings of the Rithmatic designs and chalklings, and the intriguing map of the United Isles with island names like Coronado, Zona Arida, Maineford, and DaKote.

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