First 2013 Newbery Seals!

I had fun help putting the first set of Newbery seals on the four 2013 titles.

Read all about the 2013 Newbery and many other youth media awards on this press release.


(evidence of hard work — photo taken on my phone at the

meeting room after we chose the winner and honor books.)


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4 responses to “First 2013 Newbery Seals!

  1. TeenReader

    Are you planning on posting what numbered books were which? It would be fascinating to see your favorites. (Not to make extra work for you after compete work.). Also, great picks, I was especially happy to see Bomb.


    • aha… you got me. I will be posting something soon about my top favorites of the year — and yes, perhaps reflecting back on my original posts and see how my views changed upon second or third reading :)


  2. Becky Wilson

    Awesome job, Newbery committee! You have made some kids very happy. My students love Ivan, Bomb, and Three Times Lucky. I don’t have a copy of Splendors and Glooms yet, but that will be remedied soon. Thank you so much for all your hard work!


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