I thoroughly loved the gentle tone and the…

I thoroughly loved the gentle tone and the overall homeyness of book 109. Such a little gem. But, I definitely wonder about the “presentation for a child audience” aspect of it: who will care enough to read through the entire book which has little to no plot and almost no conflict/resolution. I do see it as a lovingly shared book from an older generation to the younger. Perhaps it can inspire the adult readers to recall something special in their youth to share with the younger listeners. There is a part of the book that gave me pause: my 2012 political sensors were called into action although I don’t fault the author for including faithfully what were true of a yesteryear practices. I just wonder if the young readers/listeners will pick up on the fact that things are or should be different in 21st century… Will it affect how I evaluate this book’s literary achievements? Should it? I know it should not — but it is hard when something pulls at one’s interior compass the wrong way!

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November 23, 2012 · 2:53 pm

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