As Jonathan Hunt pointed out there at Heavy…

As Jonathan Hunt pointed out there at Heavy Medal, we are seeing so many sequels and companion books of former Newbery award and honor books. Just finished yet another one. Book 94 is a wonderful addition to the previous title even though the humor is reduced, the wit is heightened, but the wisdom is as sophisticated and profound. There is such a melancholy quality permeating throughout the book that I see only certain contemplative young readers will appreciate it. But, when they DO understand and appreciate, they will love it and this book can be someone’s life-forming brick in building their “house of life philosophies.”

As I see it, everyone of us (especially long time readers) builds a little “house” of life in our heart: philosophies, wisdom, beliefs, and characters and we use what we find in books as brick and mortar. We might also use occasional elements to decorate the inside of that house. This book is a solid brick for someone needing to see how to deal with life’s often injustices and to still have the heart to seek little incidences of kindness and love. (And even though I really dislike that there are dead animals in the story, the author manages to make the events illuminating of those life philosophies.)

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September 23, 2012 · 3:57 pm

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