This short nonfiction on an ever updated topic…

This short nonfiction on an ever-updated topic is definitely written with a child reader in mind. The author of book 93 uses a conversational tone and employs many fun comparisons to help illustrate difficult scientific concepts. I have a few issues with the book: 1st is its design (not elegant at all) and changes of font sizes which render some pages/captions really hard to read (for my older eyes, so it might not be a problem for young readers.) Another is that there is one somehow “big” question that was never really addressed and I am sure that many readers would be interested in knowing at least about the speculations of current scientists. (A quick internet search took me to clear and reliable information sites that address my curiosity… so I wonder why the author never explored that aspect — which is basis of many science fiction stories — in this book.)

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September 22, 2012 · 5:07 pm

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