I dreaded reading this companion book 92 for…

I dreaded reading this companion book (92) for a while since I had quite a bit of trouble appreciating that other volume while the whole WORLD seemed to have fallen in love with it and gave it awards and accolades. But, to my delight, I enjoyed this story quite a lot more — even though I still feel that the prose itself can be too plain at times and the uses of metaphorical phrases contrived. The frame story has a strong and authentic heart and the small tales sprinkled throughout are all quite appealing and they coherently contribute to the larger tale. This time, I agree with the author’s note and what the author tries to achieve, quite successfully so. And, the artwork and the book design is impecable and gorgeous. This is definitely one of those books that should NOT be read as an eBook – so’s not to lose the weight, the trim size, the special page layout, etc. (And if it’s read on a black-and-white device, it definitely won’t transfer well!)

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September 22, 2012 · 1:07 pm

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