It was such a pleasure to read book…

It was such a pleasure to read book 83, very quickly, because the prose flows like poetry. The author has a way with concise sentences that convey vivid imagery AND reveal authentic feelings from the characters. The subject matter is emotional and can be potentially very depressing — but it is handled with such gentle care that the readers are reminded that although there is the ugliness of humanity in this historical period, there is also a lot of resilience and dignity. After finishing the previous book on the same day as I started this one, I felt like my literary brain was cleansed: none of the messiness of botched metaphors, unbelievable character development, or sub-par prose. This is one of my top reads of the year.


September 2, 2012 · 3:47 pm

2 responses to “It was such a pleasure to read book…

  1. Kathy

    It’s also a pleasure to read these entries and see how many ways a book can be described without saying what it’s “about.” I love this challenge you’ve set yourself and the challenge of trying to guess the book.


    • fairrosa

      Glad that it’s not too frustrating to some… It’s odd that during the year that I have read the most, and the most deliberately, I am not at liberty to address issues or promote the best titles on an open forum. I would have loved if I had felt more comfortable to completely express MY personal opinions without worrying about how people might read into the chances of each book winning the honor. However, it is important to not set up false hope or potentially mislead the general public. Thus, I took this route.


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