Why is it ok for authors to rate…

Why is it ok for authors to rate their own books five stars on goodreads? And why is it ok for them to have their close friends or writers group buddies to give the book five stars across the board? I pretty much no longer trust the goodreads average star ratings. Now, I only look to my top friends who are actual critics or objective readers that I trust for their reviews and ratings. It actually saddens me to feel this way…. I do still love Goodreads!!! (but don’t like how it is being used as a marketing tool… … I guess that’s what our society is: everything is a tool for selling something…)

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August 30, 2012 · 10:21 pm

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  1. kakumadepew

    Also, i notice fans will give higher rating to books in their favorite genres. So do the stars mean it’s a Really Good paranormal romance or just an average one? There’s no way to tell. Also, people who only read 3-4 books a year give higher rating, than professional folks who read tons and see the range of mediocreness. So yeah, I agree that the stars on Goodreads don’t mean much if you don’t know the reviewer.


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