It’s probably not the most ideal situation to…

It’s probably not the most ideal situation to read two books similar in tone and presentation: 1st Person Present Tense, again… BOTH! back to back. I have to really pull back and think individually about the pluses and minuses of each book and try not to view the second one unfairly simply because it’s so similar to the previous one — although they don’t have the exact same themes or same characters. There are actually at least three books this year that I group in my mind as The Trio: all with realistic kids and situations; all of them feature the same gender kids; all are somewhat tear-jerkers; and all of them use first person, present tense; all are presented for the same age group readers. Each one is well told in its own way. Now, I have to decide which stands out more for me: and which speaks best to its intended audience, with the added value of tighter and better handled prose/dialog/arc.

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August 28, 2012 · 1:13 am

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