Book 75 is excellent The young narrator’s voice…

Book 75 is excellent!!! The young narrator’s voice is slightly mature for the age, but it is fitting because the life experience of the character makes the insights and resourcefulness believable. I am impressed at the depth, complexity, and realism of emotions the author manages to illustrate through a fairly short story. There are moments that I had to suspend my disbelief — willingly so because I cared too much about the welfare of the characters — and thought that this “realistic fiction” really borders on “a happy real life fairy tale.” But, hey, that’s why we read, right? The young readers will definitely find the happy ending satisfying (and not too forced) and be fascinated by the events showcasing the struggles (and the successes) of these fictional peers.


August 22, 2012 · 4:47 am

2 responses to “Book 75 is excellent The young narrator’s voice…

  1. May I just say that you are doing an amazing job of discussing these books with a lot of insight but still keeping their identities secret? It’s really entertaining me this year!


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