A change of pace for me to read…

A change of pace for me to read a low middle grade (2nd and 3rd?) book that is fun and breezy. The author turns everyday school and family life into small drama full of crises and inventive resolutions. It feels authentic and I can see many children enjoying the protagonist’s adventures.


August 19, 2012 · 5:40 am

3 responses to “A change of pace for me to read…

  1. Sharon

    Hi, Fairrosa, I found your website and blog while searching for book lists for my daughters. I am also from Taiwan! Do you know of any Taiwanese/Chinese websites that have books I can read/teach my girls? Thanks.


    • fairrosa

      Do you mean Chinese books for kids?


      • Sharon

        Thanks for your reply. I mean websites with books in Chinese. But anything in either Chinese or English will be helpful. My 8-year-old girl reads way above her grade level in English, and I feel that I need to teach her more Chinese so someday she can read Chinese by herself. My little one is almost two and is very interested in us reading aloud to her. Our local library doesn’t have much resource in Chinese at all. We are in South Windsor, CT. Since you are an experienced librarian, you probably have a lot of resources. I really appreciate your input.


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