Reading book 64 felt incredibly intimate there are…

Reading book 64 felt incredibly intimate: there are so many details (never boring, never detracting) that make the reader feel right there and then with the characters. And the characters! Fierce, honest, full of passion and so real — even though they’re from a much earlier time, and a very different place from the one the reader is in. The story transports and transcends. (I dislike the cover or the back cover copy that highlights ONE event in the story: although it being a crucial turning point, it gives the false impression of what the flavor of the book truly is.) This is a quietly powerful book — the adventures are as much with-out as with-in — but for that it is a lot more effective and makes a lasting impression. So glad to have followed some of my goodreads friends’ recommendations (and not my superficial first impressions!) Now, onward! Started two books tonight and put them both down… not in the right mood. Going to look for a 3rd option.

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July 31, 2012 · 3:39 pm

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