It was effortless to read book 60 because…

It was effortless to read book 60 — because it did not demand any mental power or deep thoughts to get through it. The book reads like a made-for-TV movie featured on Friday nights in the summer on Disney Channel: very little that challenges my thoughts or expectations. I can see pre-teens gobbling it up and thinking that this must be what it’s like as a high school senior… Drama drama and pressure pressure. The individual first person present tense (yup, that again) voices also are not that distinct. The dialogs feel authentic, although all very clean and proper. And these teens can definitely hold focused conversations for long stretches of time… (unlike the real high school kids I know whose thoughts jump around every where and each conversation tangent is triggered quickly by random thread starters within the original conversation.) Being a slow reader, I spent a lot more time than the two hours usually demanded to watch a TV movie and I’d say that I felt my time was a bit wasted without deriving more (or even as much, depending on the actual movies) pleasure out of it. Now, on to 61: a completely different kind of book :)

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July 20, 2012 · 1:42 pm

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