Reading lots of fiction I am under the…

Reading lots of fiction. I am under the impression that publishers have stopped submitting most of their nonfiction titles since 1) there is the Nonfiction award (Sibert) given by the same administrative body (ALSC) and 2) there has not been ample nonfiction titles given the Newbery stickers (albeit superb nonfictions have been expertly produced yearly from all major and minor Houses) and 3) the shrinking marketing budget at each House most likely prevents automatic nonfiction submissions to Newbery members. I’ve heard great things about a lot of nonfiction and plan on getting them from libraries or buying them or ordering them for the fall in my library… but should I be resigned to the fact that most people still think (and believe) that the most prestigious children’s literature award (since it is among the very few awards that actually greatly affect book sales) The Newbery Medal is equivalent to “The Award for Excellent Middle Grade Fiction Books” (that will mostly please teachers and librarians)?

Disclaimer: I am totally aware of how difficult it is to compare many different genres for different age levels and know that each past Committee and my current one have done and will do nothing short of the most conscientious deeds when comparing and contrasting and voting and revoting and persuading and being persuaded about the quality of each of the final nominated books… I am just wondering out loud!


July 13, 2012 · 11:13 am

2 responses to “Reading lots of fiction I am under the…

  1. I think YALSA’s Excellence in NF for Young Adults also gets some of what would be submitted to the Newbery committee. Pity, because some of the narrative NF would probably be a contender for both!


    • fairrosa

      I’d love to see some suggestions here — just because they are not already submitted does not mean that we can’t read them and suggest or nominate them for our discussion. I’ve gotten a few from friends and also from reading reviews and goodreads, etc. Any MUST Reads for me? From anyone?


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