A few thoughts on book 31 I can’t…

A few thoughts on book 31: I can’t say that this is an outstanding book, even though I can see how it might have broad appeal to early teen girls. The situation is set up to pique a reader’s curiosity and the whole time when you read, you feel like you are a voyeur into these characters’ internal thoughts and feelings (and these are very shallow and immature feelings for the most part). It might be fun and thrilling for some, but I kept feeling “unclean” because reading the story felt like gossiping and the ending didn’t help cleanse my conscience. The narrative structure gets repetitive and tedious and loses momentum half way through the story. That said, there are moments of insight and revelation and these characters seem real enough. Certain plot advancements are not expected and I appreciated those.

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May 11, 2012 · 12:50 pm

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