I love the author’s book 29 skillful hand…

I love the author’s (book 29) skillful hand at metaphors. Each one is descriptive and totally accurate — helping the reader understand the characters very quickly and how the narrator feels about them. Also very grateful that although the first paragraph of the book is in first person present tense, the story took place in the narrator’s past and wisdom and observations and speculations of motives and emotions can be naturally inserted.

I need to figure out why the last 1/3 of book seems flatter than the first 2/3. I think the author, when trying very hard to incorporate the real events in history for this part, probably lost a bit of the writer’s intuitive spontaneity. A couple of invented events, although making the tale a little more exciting, actually make it less attractive to me because the strength of the book came from the rich inner life of the protagonist and when so many external things happen and get added to her experience, the unique tale suddenly became just another mundane historical fiction. That said, I am still very much impressed and felt the strong personal impact of that historical period in that town.

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May 3, 2012 · 10:14 am

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