Done with book 27 I remember a super…

Done with book 27. I remember a super smart little girl (about 4) who used to come to the public library and checked out a lot of books with her mom. One of the series that I couldn’t get her to take out is Amelia Bedelia. Most readers find the books and Amelia Bedelia’s incapability to understand higher level language expressions hilarious and amusing, but not this little girl. She expressed extreme distaste when she was presented with these books — because she couldn’t stand the stupidity of Amelia Bedelia. When I was reading book 26, I continuously felt like that little 4-year-old — that the protagonist is intentionally made to be so clueless so there would have been a bit “reveal” and “shock” toward the end of the story. The only problem was that she has not demonstrated such incapability elsewhere. And since we are seeing everything through her eyes and I already knew EXACTLY who or what of every situation as it arises, I felt impatient, and eventually angry, first toward the main character, but eventually at the author. I really don’t like being manipulated this way.

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April 28, 2012 · 6:23 am

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