Pottermore and Fan Fiction Discussion

My students have gotten into Pottermore since it opened to the general public last week. (I did, too, and find it incredibly fun!) In the school Science Fiction / Fantasy Club forum, a thread of FanFiction and Shipping discussion inspired me to write the following:

I have never really read an online fanfiction. I try to be open minded and don’t want to evaluate anything without actually having experienced it.

I can imagine respectful and good fan fiction writing — it’s a way for budding writers to practice writing, take something already in shape to fill in details, and to receive feedback on their writing. If you think about it, the authors for spin-off novel series from the Star Wars and Star Treks movies/tv shows are just “published, in print” fan-fiction.

And, guest writers of Doctor Who episodes like Neil Gaiman are also “fans” who write their own stories based on the universe and characters created by other people.

So, with that in mind and with Ben Ginzberg’s point of having people more versed in the genre — I’d like to have Ben recommend some great fanfiction out there for our members to peruse. So our discussion can be more informed.

And I wonder — if YOU were to write a fanfiction based on the HP series — what would you have changed and where would you take your readers?

I can think of a few myself:

1. I will make Draco Malfoy more interesting in the last book — that there will be a shift in his heart and mind – he will be one of the true heroes who save the day. Actually, I’ll have him DIE for Harry or at least to save his mother. I’ll DEFINITELY not let him live and have a wife and have children as presented in the epilogue.

2. I will try to expand the Wizarding World so it’s not so Euro-centric — after all, there are Chinese Dragons so you’d think that when they host a World Cup or a Wizarding Tournament, it will include some other cultures.

3. I will probably continue the storyline that was dropped by J.K. Rowling about the House Elves and their rights.

4. I will definitely weave in a couple of muggles to be paired with a couple of Wizards. The most likely candidates that will open to such “ships” will be: Luna, who is loving and open minded and will probably find living half in the wizarding world and half in the muggle world very enlightening; George Weasley: I believe there will be someone in the Muggle World who will share his sense of humor and fill the empty spot that Fred left behind. It could even make sense for this companion to be an enterprising smart guy.

Just some thoughts on a Tuesday afternoon.

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