As a friend pointed out reading book 21…

As a friend pointed out, reading book 21 has brought me unbound joy. I’m almost done with it and know that I’ll be sad to close the book after the last page. The author has such a way of presenting the characters that you simply KNOW them just by listening to their words and watching them act. There is little that you are told but much that you observe as an active participant inside the story — inside the head of a first person, wonderful narrator — wonderful not because this character tries to tell you a good story, but because this character is so interesting and charming and full of mystery. The book is not a fantasy — it is a story of political intrigues and of young and smart people surviving the conniving world of the ruling adults. I’m really pleased — and happy that my copy of the galley has not returned to me because it’s circulating amongst my students who all proclaim it being a really great read!

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April 15, 2012 · 10:41 am

One response to “As a friend pointed out reading book 21…

  1. Lisa B.

    My 11 year old daughter, 13 year son, and I all loved this book. I agree that it was just so much fun. I am pretty sure that if the Newbery was voted on by Middle school children, the honors would have gone to this or Wonder. (but I understand that that isn’t the point of the Newbery)


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