Re-thinking The Hunger Games movie adaptation

I sent this rant to a group of high school students in the Science Fiction/Fantasy Club at my school after some kid (jokingly, she said afterwards) proclaimed to be all TEAM GALE….

A student responded first to the Team Gale comment:

Upon viewing this correspondence, I feel the need to inform everyone that the Hunger Games is not, and will never be, Twilight.

There are no teams like Team Gale or Team Peeta because that is foolish.

This is a book/movie about teenagers brutally murdering each other for the entertainment of a nation. Let’s keep it that way.

I added AND OPPRESSION after “entertainment” in my reply… and then followed it with:

I find the whole Team Peeta and Team Gale thing so irksome. This is NOT a Romantic Trilogy. If you read it or view it that way — you are just one of the Capitol People that the Media successfully has FOOLED!!!

And may I say that the more I think about it, the more I think that the Hunger Games Movie is a SELL-OUT. In order for them to make the movie to be PG-13, they toned down (WAY TOO LOW) the impact of all the deaths. So, to the audience, it has become simply a story that we root for Katniss’ survival and not to contemplate the underlying societal problems that ALLOW for such a thing to happen. The side characters were mostly rendered faceless at their death scenes and the few close-up deaths don’t really speak to the true horror that the book portrayed.

Suzanne Collins created the trilogy to challenge Media and Controlling Governmental Programs — but in the end, all it matters is how much $$ the movie has made and how much it has ENTERTAINED the young and old alike. Folks, we are JUST like the people (sheep??) from the Capitol!!!

Bully, the documentary that presents REAL life children in our REAL life U.S.A. refused to tone down the scenes and language and now went with NR and will only be shown at VERY limited theaters and won’t reach the intended audience.

THIS is the REALITY of your society and our proud Nation….

Sorry for the rant…

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