Hunger Games – the Movie

Hunger Games movie: seen. Liked it a lot. I was impressed by the book-to-screen adaptation. Very faithful (except that the deaths in the books have stronger impacts and gorier and the eyes of the mutant beasts were made to look like the dead Tributes, which was a shame) and to me, at least, there is an added bonus:

My gripe of the first book was always about how limited a view seeing through only Katniss’ eyes and I desperately wanted to see the audience reactions and the game-making. Seeing Rue’s father and District 11’s reaction on the big screen and all the high-tech wizardry in the control room of the Arena was really satisfying. (I would have liked a little more of the Capitol residents’ reaction when young people died in the Game.)

It’s also great that the soundtrack was used sparingly — so much of the movie was quiet with dialogue or without. Jennifer Lawrence shows the world of a young heroine’s nerves, toughness, and inner conflicts so well. And it’s great that she’s not your pretty-faced or stunningly beautiful traditional movie-star. She feels real and I can see how young girls/women all feel that they can step in Katniss’ shoes.

And of course, I really enjoyed being in a theater with 9 screens showing the same movie at once (from 12:01 to 12:09): the costumes and the excitement before AND after the movie added to the whole experience. Didn’t hurt to go with some teens who all wore the side braids and even came with home-made Mockingjay pins (well done!) and arrows tucked in their boots and waist bands.

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