Done with 2013 Newbery Read Book 8 I…

Done with 2013 Newbery Read: Book 8
I couldn’t quite decide whether I absolutely adored the book or just really liked it. I couldn’t read it in one straight streak even though it’s a small book and should have been done 2 – 3 days earlier. That probably says something about my emotional attachment to the story: not strong enough. But do I enjoy the language and the rich landscape/setting? Yes, absolutely. And do I think the book begins and ends so beautifully and unusually and creatively? Yes. Was I moved by some of the turning points? Absolutely… was I moved to a point that I couldn’t contain myself and wanted to share my emotion as affected by some other books? Not really. There you have it.

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March 16, 2012 · 6:35 pm

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