Why did I never question Ron’s integrity or…

Why did I never question Ron’s integrity or humanity? He has neither. Look at this little scene between him and Myrtle (book 6, paperback, US edition, p. 462) – “Never you mind!” said Myrtle, her small, leaky eyes fixed on Ron, who was now definitely grinning. “I promised I wouldn’t tell anyone, and I’ll take his secret to the —” “— not the grave, surely?” said Ron with a snort. “The sewer, maybe…” Myrtle gave a howl of rage and dived back into the toilet, causing water to slop over the sides and onto the floor. Goading Myrtle seemed to have put fresh heart into Ron. –

And then he proceeded to feel better about his apparition test. He felt better because he teased and goaded someone in distress. (Granted, it’s Just Moaning Myrtle, right? Someone everyone can bully!) How is this behavior different from that of Draco’s or his cronies’? Ron is more like Crabbe and Goyle than not — and I don’t know if he hadn’t sat in that empty compartment on the Hogwarts Express those many years ago, what would have become of him…. would he ever be a “friend” to Draco?


February 13, 2012 · 10:03 pm

2 responses to “Why did I never question Ron’s integrity or…

  1. Pitmaster73

    I would tend to agree. There are numerous examples of Ron’s scathing personality throughout the series. I think Hermionie said it best in Book 5 when she compares Ron to having an emotional range of teaspoon…


    • fairrosa

      I quite feel terrible tearing into dear Ronald this way. He must have plenty of redeeming qualities… after all, he is one of the main characters in one of the most beloved modern children’s tales!! Don’t want to ruin the reading pleasure for others. Forgive me if I have done irrevocable damages.


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