Still reading HP 6 and thinking If not…

Still reading HP 6 and thinking: If not for Rupert Grint’s face and his humorous portrayal of Ron embedded in my head, I would have mentally SMACKED Ronald Weasley SO MANY times by now. He is (and has been) really not NICE. He makes fun of anyone not behaving to HIS sense of norm, and he sulks, and is completely insecure, and has nothing special going for him. I know I know.. he’s supposed to be a really good friend, sticking to his buddy but right now he just feels totally unattractive and mean-spirited. At least Draco tries to make something of himself. What does Ron do? SNOGGING. Bleh… (I know the rest of the story and what he does in the rest of Book 6 and 7, but I just need to vent NOW.)

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February 7, 2012 · 6:28 pm

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