Following one of the patterns in the book…

Following one of the patterns in the book, I am listing a few of my puzzles of Bitterblue’s tale: Does she have a Grace? What is it? I vaguely remember thinking at the end of Graceling that she MUST have a grace (probably MATH?) Do Teddy and Saf know that she’s the Lady Queen? What did Leck ask Thiel to do in the Prologue? Is it to MEND Ashen after he tortured her? Will Cashore set up a Love-Triangle? (Please don’t!) Will I be able to follow the forthcoming Ciphers and Codes or will I be too baffled and frustrated because it’s too high level for me? And —

Is Saf’s name inspired by William Safire who wrote about word origins for the Times Magazine?

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January 11, 2012 · 11:49 pm

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