Wonder-struck by Brian Selznick

I already wrote about how much I enjoyed Brian’s new book.  It’s finally out in the store!!  Glorious.

In the past week, I had the opportunity to attend two events hosted by Scholastic and, they were as GLORIOUS as the book itself.

Monday night the book launch party was held against the the magnificent Milstein Hall of Ocean.  It was simply the coolest setting for a book party and Brian couldn’t have been more gracious or more humorous as a speaker, or more passionate about the museum and all that it holds, or more humble about his own work.  Here are some pictures taken on my phone that evening:

On Wednesday evening, Brian spoke about his inspirations, work methods, and the editorial process of the writing of this new book.  This took place in the Scholastic Auditorium and he was brought on stage under strobe lights and the rumblings of thunder sound effects.  We also got to watch the trailer for HUGO (the upcoming movie based on The Invention of Hugo Cabret) and were told that he saw the movie for the first time and was moved by it.

Brian spoke eloquently and answered very thoughtful questions from the audience with candor and humor.  A sign-language interpreter was on stage with him and I spent moer than half of the time watching the dance of the hands and the dramatic postures and facial expressions of the deaf communication system.  It was beautiful to behold and we were all thoroughly wonder-struck!

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