The Cardturner: A Novel about a King, a Queen, and a Joker

The Cardturner: A Novel about a King, a Queen, and a JokerBy Louis Sachar

I was extremely pleased with the first 3/4 of the book — liking the main characters, and especially the rich uncle who’s blind, extremely intelligent, and passionate about Bridge. Whose story is really the one to follow. I thought to myself: this is indeed a master storyteller at work. Then, there is a shift in the voice, the pacing, and the “genre” of the telling: from a highly believable and touching tale of inter-generational relationship, to the slightly draggy tale with a supernatural tint. The characters suddenly become less vivid, pawns of a not very satisfying conclusion of an otherwise very very strong book. I think this is due to the fact that the best part of the book is the interaction and the growing closeness of Alton and his blind uncle and once the uncle is no longer physically present, the story loses part of its glittering charm. I DID enjoy all the Bridge talks and strategies.

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