Some Book News from Midwinter

The American Library Association’s Midwinter conference is happening in Boston as I post.  The weather has been very gentle on all attendees.

Some books to look forward to (and to wait for…)

* Kristin Cashore is writing the sequel to Graceling.. no Katsa and Po do not get a dog (as some fans want her to write about) … The book’s central character will be Bitterblue.

* The prequel (a few hundred years previous) to Philip Reeve’s Mortal Engines is Fever Crumb and will be out in April, from Scholastic.

* A new Rick Riordan series called “The Kane Chronicles” (Book One: The Red Pyramid) will be released on May 4 from  Hyperion Books.

* For the fans of Kiki Strike #1 and #2, it seems that you will have to maintain your patience since there is no release date for the third book yet.  (sigh)

* Yes,  The King of Clonmel (“Ranger’s Apprentice” #8) will be out in May while #7 (Erak’s Ransom) already hit the story earlier this month.

Tomorrow, we find out what books win major Children’s Literary awards.  Quite exciting.

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