Psyched about Moomins!!!

Finnish author Tove Jansson’s beloved classic series of the Moomintrolls (Moomins) will be reissued this year to celebrate its 65th anniversary by Henry Holt/Macmillan.  All eight of them will have a snazzy and  fresh look.  They are ready to be re-introduced to the next generation of young readers.

Anyone unfamiliar with the Moomins and their sweet but often comically unfortunate adventures might gain a bit of an insight by visiting the official characters site here:

On Moomin Characters Ltd.

Not available in English, here’s the site for the 65th anniversary illustration competition.  It is absolutely joyful to look at and listen to :)

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One response to “Psyched about Moomins!!!

  1. Yay Moomins! The new covers look slick and I’ve been loving the large-format reissues of the comics.


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