Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld

Was not quite wowed by it as I had expected. I love the final book design (I read the galley) with its gorgeous cover and the amazing map on the inside of the cover.

Reading the extremely detailed passages about how all the mechanics work and each movement of the “machines” (be they purely mechanical or bio-mechanical) echoed back to my experience with the second Transformer movie: I wanted to get over the technical parts and the visual effects to reach the core of the STORY. It’s a frustrating experience.

Leviathan does have better storytelling than some of the recent big budget movies and as I approached the end of the tale, witnessing the two main characters develop respect and affection toward each other, I thought, “Now let’s hope the second book is a better read, with a more solid plot and more character development.” Also have to note that the world-building is definitely superb.

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