Rapunzel’s Revenge

Rapunzel's RevengeAuthor: Shannon and Dean Hale; illus. by Nathan Hale

Reading Level: 4th – 7th

Pages: 144
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Edition: Paperback/Graphic Novel, 2008

It did not disappoint! Yeah! I had so much fun reading and looking at this book and its illustrations. Shannon Hale’s telling, even with reduced amount of text due to the graphic novel nature of the book, is crisp and humorous, and with certain subtlety that amuses me, the adult reader, and yet not difficult to appreciate for young readers. (I had a 10-year-old girl today reading it and she absolutely loved the book — then she found out that this is by the same author who gave her the pleasure of GOOSE GIRL and PRINCESS ACADEMY. She was thrilled!) The wild wild west setting is cleverly executed. I wonder how others react to the the references to the Native American cultures and characters — personally I thought it’s done very sensitively and much of it is conveyed visually — so I also wonder how all that was communicated between the authors and the artist. What a fun tall tale we’ve got us here. I am so pleased!

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