The Metamor City Podcast

Creator: Chris Lester
Listening Level: Older YA and Adults

Edition: 2007/2008 Audio Podcast

I have been listening to this Sci-Fan podcast for the past few weeks… catching up their early episodes from late 2007 and approaching this year’s newer productions. Every story happens in Metamor City — a futuristic sci-fi setting with magical creatures and fantasy elements. Fairies, demi-gods, mages ride on super-motorbike like vehicles and fight each other with not only magic but modern weaponry. The main ingredients of the stories I’ve listened to so far are violence, magic, sex, and humor: both light and dark. It’s definitely entertaining.

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One response to “The Metamor City Podcast

  1. Etherius

    Thanks for the review, Fairrosa! I'm glad you're enjoying the stories. I would definitely caution, though, that some stories in The Metamor City Podcast are explicitly intended for adults — parents should exercise discretion before letting their teens listen. I appreciate you spreading the word, though!

    Keep it on the bright side,

    Chris Lester


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