The Last Dragon

Author: Silvana De Mari; translated by Shaun Whiteside
Reading Level: 4th – 6th

Pages: 361
Publisher: Miramax/Disney
Edition: Hardcover, 2006

I have not that much good to say about this book. It annoys me to read the compulsive “listing of stuff” (yes, I realized that it was intended to represent how the Elf and the Dragon would think and organize their inner worlds) page after page: what kind of books there are in the library (many kinds and you’re sure to be told a FULL page of the various subjects or how readers should think of anyone or any event (it’s never just one descriptor, almost as if the author cannot make up her mind how to describe a character or an emotion, but a “list” of adjectives. I cannot imagine that it is the device of the translator, but a slight possibility remains.

If I hadn’t had to read it for a group discussion — I would have probably dropped the book midstream. Only one out of a few professional review sources agrees with me that this is a very message-heavy tale dressed in a fake fantasy clothing, and the humor is often crude and unfitting for the tragic tone of the underlying tale. Look for the VOYA review on this B&N page.

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